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The general approach for most calorie-counting apps is to provide users with a catalog of ready-made recipes or forms for entering recipes or importing them into their apps for consequent logging/tracking.

Finally, with a growing AI capability, it's possible to improve the process and simplify ingredient filling by extracting foundational ingredients from any recipe or food description and mapping it to USDA ingredients. It's great because it gives simplicity to adjust recipe components according to your preferences. In the following example, I have adjusted this beautiful sirloin stake to the cooking style of an author with 10g of butter and some olive oil. In this case, calories also vary depending on the selected meat. AI automation combined with fine-grained control over entered ingredients helps to get better precision over your calorie counting routine.

App extracts ingredients and allows to adjust them with remove/edit/add options
App extracts ingredients and allows to adjust them with remove/edit/add options

The tool is a gem for people who love cooking. There's no restriction on how creative you are with modifications of original recipes, simply adjust original recipe ingredients by deleting some, adding new ones, or picking from the list of ingredients that are a better match.

At the same time, those who are lazy one can easily log their meals or eaten recipes without searching across some databases among thousands of copies of the same meal but with slight modifications. Type your meal or food description, get ingredients extracted by AI first, then you adjust it according to your needs, and voila - you get a detailed nutritional report from the most precise database USDA curated by nutritionists and approved by food scientists.

FoodIntake app is ready to calculate calories in my recipe and yours too:

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